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Rosy Cheek

Rosy Cheek Soundtrack

Cleon Jazzy Pidjay
Freedom Sound

Buddy Sathiva
Una Percepia

Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Bear
Not Afraid

Boogaloo Pow
I'm Rosy C, and you can't touch me. I'm an in-your-face bubbly blush, who takes no prisoners and ain't gonna let no soap dodgers ride me for free.But baby, treat me with the respect I deserve and I will pay you back a thousand times over at any party. Yes I'm a bit different, but you like that don't you? A hint of the rebel, the avant garde, and a slap of Portuguese lovin on any cheek you fancy.So you got the minerals to play, or you just gonna run away from little old Rosy Cheek?