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Caña Brava Rum - The 86Co.

36,00 € inkl. 20 % MwSt.
Noch 24 Flaschen erhältlich.
The Eighty Six Co. - Noise and Spirits brought to Austria by Punk's Finest

More info: http://www.canabravarum.com/
CAÑA BRAVA IS A 3-YEAR-OLD AGED AND FILTERED RUM MADE FROM LOCAL SUGAR CANE GROWN IN THE MINERAL RICH VOLCANIC SOIL OF THE HERRERA REGION OF PANAMA. IT IS CONTINUOUSLY DISTILLED IN A CLASSIC 1922 COPPER AND BRASS STILL AT THE LAS CABRAS DISTILLERY BY MASTER DISTILLER AND FORMER MINISTER OF CUBAN RUM - FOR 35 YEARS - FRANCISCO “DON PANCHO” J. FERNANDEZ. The rum is aged in a combination of new, un-charred American oak and used American whisky barrels, and then it is blended with older rums for consistency and carbon filtered to create a light and complex rum.