The Spritz Soundtrack

DJ Buzz & Preddy
Hildegard Knef

Monsieur Smoab
Laundry Funk

Reborn From Ashes

DJ Buzz & Preddy
Oh Kalkuta

K Louk
"I want to have sex with your wines"
(a customer)

Sometimes, also Punks are crying....
Tëars Of Joy

Tears Of Joy Soundtrack

Mr Day & Dynamics
Tears Of Joy

Mr Day
Tears Of Joy (Original)
Article about the Punks @ Die Presse

Daydreamer Soundtrack

Onra & Quetzal
Give Something

Buddy Sathiva
Mystic Voyage

Patchworks Galactic Project

Mr. Day
Dry Up

Rotten Soundtrack

Mark & The Escorts
Get Your Baby

Mustache In Your Face

The Tigermen
Tiger Girl

Five By Five
Apple Cider
PF Masterminds @ in the park
Kyoto Jazz Massive in the House @ Arnold's. It's TIME FOR ACTION

Mixology Artikel
bout the Punks and the Spirits

In Bed with the Daydreamer
Portuguese Love
17.11.2015 / The Eighty Six Co. - Noise and Spirits Launch in Austria

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where our graphics come from

Portuguese Love Soundtrack

Bah Samba
Portuguese Love (Restless Soul Remix)

26.04.2014 /

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„Do what we wanna do, drink what we wanna drink.

And the beat goes on...and on and on
Punk's Finest Place Cover
A bottle of ROSY CHEEK a day,
keeps the hunter away.
Juliette Magnifique loves ROTTEN. That's why she always takes a bottle to her photoshootings.

Rosy Cheek Soundtrack

Cleon Jazzy Pidjay
Freedom Sound

Buddy Sathiva
Una Percepia

Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Bear
Not Afraid

Boogaloo Pow
Our Rotten Babies are ready for New York.

T.F.A. Soundtrack

Mr Day
Food For Soul

Miss Patty

DJ Buzz & Preddy
BP Edit

DJ Buzz & Preddy
Silver Apples
Polaroid my a** @ Sound Of Wine