"Geile Scheisse"
(Ein Kunde)
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PF Masterminds @ in the park
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über die Punks und die Spirituosen

Rotten Soundtrack

Mark & The Escorts
Get Your Baby

Mustache In Your Face

The Tigermen
Tiger Girl

Five By Five
Apple Cider

Sometimes, also Punks are crying....
Tëars Of Joy

Tears Of Joy Soundtrack

Mr Day & Dynamics
Tears Of Joy

Mr Day
Tears Of Joy (Original)

Daydreamer Soundtrack

Onra & Quetzal
Give Something

Buddy Sathiva
Mystic Voyage

Patchworks Galactic Project

Mr. Day
Dry Up
In Bed with the Daydreamer
Portuguese Love
www.the86co.com Noise and Spirits
17.11.2015 / The Eighty Six Co. - Noise and Spirits Launch in Austria

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Portuguese Love Soundtrack

Bah Samba
Portuguese Love (Restless Soul Remix)
The Man behind our Punk's Finest Logo, our first Label for the ROTTEN blend and our newest baby. (better watch out !!!)
He's a master, a kind master

26.04.2014 / Elevate the Wine
@ 25hours Hotel Wien

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„Do what we wanna do, drink what we wanna drink.“

And the beat goes on...and on and on
Punk's Finest Gedeck.
(c) fredperry.com
A bottle of ROSY CHEEK a day,
keeps the hunter away.
Juliette Magnifique liebt ROTTEN. Darum nimmt sie immer ein Fläschchen zu Foto Shootings mit.

Rosy Cheek Soundtrack

Cleon Jazzy Pidjay
Freedom Sound

Buddy Sathiva
Una Percepia

Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Bear
Not Afraid

Boogaloo Pow
Unsere Rotten Babies für London sind bereit.

T.F.A. Soundtrack

Mr Day
Food For Soul

Miss Patty

DJ Buzz & Preddy
BP Edit

DJ Buzz & Preddy
Silver Apples
(c) fredperry.com
Wineheads everywhere !
Polaroid my a** @ Sound Of Wine
Kyoto Jazz Massive in the House @ Arnold's. It's TIME FOR ACTION